Bullseye S.D. Hinges are supplied world wide, and are available in many sizes with both single and double swing. Bullseye hinges made for Hamilton Safe/Gunnebo must be acquired through Gunnebo.

Bullseye® Hinges

S2050-BR Single Hinge-2.050”
D2050-BR Double Hinge-2.050”
S2950-BR Single Hinge-2.950”
D2950-BR Double Hinge-2.950”
S3000-BR Single Hinge-3.000”
D3000-BR Double Hinge-3.000”
S5000-BR Single Hinge-5.000”
D5000-BR Double Hinge-5.000”
S5343-BR Single Hinge-5.343”
D5343-BR Double Hinge-5.343”
S5468-BR Single Hinge-5.468”
D5468-BR Double Hinge-5.468”
H5000-BR Locker Hinge-5.000”

*Sold only to OEM in box quantities of 100 or 200 pieces.