Quality Safe Deposit locks that share the same footprint as Ilco A-400, Lloyd Matheson M-40, Miles X-4, Jim Taylor’s Precision P-40, and Sargent & Greenleaf 4440.

The B400 Series are all U.L. Listed with the exception of the B447 1/2″ Single Nose locks.

The B440, B431, B442, B443, B444, & B447 are designed with Quality as a Priority!

Bullseye® can match almost any existing Guard Key to operate our B400 Series locks! Guard Matchwork Kits available.

B440 DLN

B440-BR-4-RH    1/2” Double Little Nose-Brass-#4-Guard Stack-R.H.
B440-BR-4-LH    1/2” Double Little Nose-Brass-#4-Guard Stack-L.H.

B431 DLN – Replacement for Sargent Yale 3

B431-BR-SY3-RH    1/2” Double Little Nose-Brass-SY3-Guard Stack-R.H.
B431-BR-SY3-LH    1/2” Double Little Nose-Brass-SY3-Guard Stack-L.H.


B442-BR-4-RH    1/2” Big Nose Little Nose-Brass-#4-Guard Stack-R.H.
B442-BR-4-LH    1/2” Big Nose Little Nose-Brass-#4-Guard Stack-L.H.

B443 DBN

B443-BR-91-RH    1/2” Double Big Nose-Brass-#91-Guard Stack-R.H.
B443-BR-91-LH    1/2” Double Big Nose-Brass-#91-Guard Stack-L.H.

B444 DLN Long Bolt

B444-BR-52-RH    1/2” Double Little Nose-Brass-Long Bolt w/10/32 hole-AntiPull Studs-R.H.


B447-BR-SGL-RH    1/2” Single Nose-Brass-R.H.
B447-BR-SGL-LH    1/2” Single Nose-Brass-L.H.