The B440 Series Safe Deposit Locks are specially designed to operate with a Miles Osborne X4 number 980 or Ilco 98 original guard key.

The B440 Series is available in right-handed (B440-NI-980-RH) and left-handed (B440-NI-980-LH) models, #74, #740 & #98 Guard Match Locks Also AVAILABLE!

Bullseye® manufactured the B440 Series with a special guard post with a deep slot to accommodate the Miles X4 original guard key. We also added a nickel (silver) finish in to match the Miles X4 look and feel.

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Available Models

B440-NI-980-RH (Miles Osborne X4)
B440-NI-980-LH (Miles Osborne X4)
B440-NI-98-RH (Ilco 98 Guard)
B440-NI-98-LH (Ilco 98 Guard)

These models can be matched

B440-NI-98-RH (Miles)
B440-NI-98-LH (Miles)

Replaces--the-Miles-Osborne-X4,-Number-980,-Ilco-98-GuardReplaces  the Miles Osborne X4, Number 980, Ilco 98 Guard