Is a direct replacement line of Safe Deposit Locks with a footprint the same as Hidromex M-57, Mosler 5700, and Mosler 3175 Rapid Set, and Jim Taylor’s Precision P-57. The B5700, B3175 Locks are designed with Quality as a Priority!

B5700 Guard Matchwork Kits available.

B5700 Double Fixed

B5700-BR-SM75 1/2” Fixed Renter-Fixed SM75 Guard Stack-Brass
B5700-NI-SM75 1/2” Fixed Renter-Fixed SM75 Guard Stack-Nickel
B5700-BR-SS 1/2” Self Service Single Key Operated Lock-Brass*
B5700-NI-SS 1/2” Self Service Single Key Operated Lock-Nickel*

B3175 Rapid Set

B3175-BR 1/2” Fixed Renter-Rapid Set Guard-Brass
B3175-NI 1/2” Fixed Renter-Rapid Set Guard-Nickel


*Bullseye S.D. Locks LLC® does not endorse the use of self service or single key operated locks due to liability concerns.

Bullseye S.D. Locks LLC® will however continue to adapt and respond according to current market demand by providing high quality products and cost effective solutions for our customers!

“Safe Deposit Lock” require the rotation of a Customer or Renter Key in conjunction with the rotation of a second Bank or Guard key to access or open the Customers or Renters “Safe Deposit Box.”